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Birds listed in this category are birds that are either new to the store or would love to be re-homed.  We list these birds as small, given their stature and beak size. Our smaller birds can be hand trained and socialized with patience and positive reinforcement.


Some of the birds that require re-homing may already have predefined characteristics which make them prefer specific individuals.  These birds can be a challenge to start with, but with time and positive reinforcement, a new relationship can blossom into a life long companionship.


At Feathered Follies, we will help educate you as to the mannerism and diverse complexities of some of these birds so that the transition process into your home will be smooth sailing.  We engage these birds purposefully, to ensure their needs are individually accommodated.


Also remember that Feathered Follies is dedicated to assisting you during this process! You can contact us at anytime, where we may be of help to you.

Types of Small Birds:



Lineolated Parakeets

Goldies Lorikeets



Green Cheek Conures:







We never re-home our birds the same day.  It is in our care, that we ask our customers to make a dedication to these wonderful animals, as they can live a long time in captivity.  This process will ensure a positive connection with you and the bird. 


   -Cockatiels (coming soon)

If you are interested in a species that we do not currently have, please inquire with a manager and we can put you on our Bird List.



With any questions, Please contact the store!


Updated: 1/20/2017


Button is a sweet little Budgie who enjoys playing with his toys and even chats with them. Button is happy to hang out on your hand or shoulder and just relax. Button is a young bird, we estimate that he is 1-2 years of age.


Oliver is an older American Parakeet estimated to be around 5 or 6 years old. He loves to eat millet as a treat and loves to play with his toys.

Rosey Bourkes

We have three aviary-recommended Rosie Bourkes looking for a home. Two are younger males, and the third is a female around 8 years old. Since these guys aren't the most tame, it's recommended that they go into an aviary.

Violet and Duckie

Violet and Duckie are two younger American Budgies that are up for adoption here at the store. These guys are a little shy at first, but with love and snuggles they'll soon warm up to you. These two must be rehomed together since they came to the stor ...

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