Behavior Modification Exercise

Put a training perch in a neutral room (a room that your bird is not familiar with)

  • Using the “step up” command have the preferred person take the bird from its cage and to the training perch
  • After the preferred person leaves that area (out of sight and no voice heard), have the less preferred person enter the area and sit and talk to the bird calmly
  • Be animated and expressive and use the bird’s name often
  • Using the command “step up” in an assertive fashion, have the bird step up onto your hand
  • If successful, praise and compliment
  • If not successful, scowl and give a brief disapproving look and say it again and insist on the step up
  • Repeat for a minimum of ten minutes (make it as fun as possible, keep the energy level low if stressed)
  • End with a calm conversation using the bird’s name and lots of praise
  • Twice a day for two weeks should see marked improvement for most behavior troubles
  • Return the bird to its cage and reward


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