Cage No-Nos

For your bird's safety, keep the following items out of your bird's cage:

  • Shower-curtain-ring style toy hangers: Large birds can open them and become impaled on the hook; small birds may put their heads through the larger end and become trapped in the small end.
  • Dog-leash-snap-hook style toy hangers: Birds have been known to trap their mandibles in these.
  • Usually long ropes, string or anything else that may entangle your bird. Remove badly frayed rope toys and accessories.
  • Don't offer little Ferris wheels or other tippable toys to small birds. Injuries have been reported when they have tipped over with birds on them.
  • Galvanized metal dishes or accessories pose a risk for zinc toxicity.
  • Crystal glasses or bowls: Broken glass equals an injured bird. Genuine lead crystal actually contains lead, which may leach into food or liquid
  • Imported or antique crockery: Lead or other hazardous compounds may be present in the glaze. "Crazed" crockery: Those little cracks in the glaze are call "crazing" and may enable harmful compounds to leach into food.
  • Styrofoam and other foam containers: Birds may chew or ingest them.
  • Frayed rope toys and perches.
  • Dyed leather.


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