Good Food, Bad Food

Toxic to birds Foods birds can eat Foods toxic to birds Fumes toxic to birds


Toxic to Birds

Alcohol, acetone, arsenic, antifreeze Ammonia 0 cleaning agents & accumulated excrement Bathroom bowl cleaners
Bleach & Pool chemicals Carbon monoxide - car exhaust, furnace leaks, etc. Carbon tetrachloride
Camphophenique Coal tar Copper, brass & silver cleaners
Corn & wart remover Crayons Deodorants - Aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorydrate
Denture cleaner - Sodium perborate Detergents (anionic) - Sulfonated or phosphorylated forms, alkaline Detergents (cationic) - Quaaternary ammonium w/alkyl or subsequent groups
Drain cleaners - Sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite Epoxy glue & model glue Ethanol - fruits that have been frozen, allowed to thaw & stand
Ethylene glycol Fabric softeners Fireworks - Nitrates, chlorates, mercury, antimony, copper, strontium, barium, phosphorous
Furniture & floor polish - Petroleum, hydrocarbons, mineral spirits Garbage Toxins Gasoline, Kerosene, Lighter fluid, & crude oil - Petroleum & petroleium distillates
Gun powder & gun cleaners Hair dyes & permanent wave solutions - alcohol based hair sprays Insecticides, herbicides & garden sprays
Indelible markers Iodine Lead - caulking, stained glass, costume jewelry, fishing & curtain weights, screening, old paint
Linoleum - contains lead salts Marijuana - secondary smoke or residue on hands & clothing Matches - Potassium chloride
Mirrors - contain mercury & lead Mothballs Nail polish & polish removers
Natural gas Normal household compounds Non-stick cookware, drip pans, heat lamps, irons, ironing board covers
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE gas) Paint fumes Paint & varnish removers - Benzene, methanol, toluene, acetone
Pencils - graphite Perfumes - Volatile oils Pine oil disinfectants - Pine oil 5-10%, phenols 2-6%
Poor grade nuts, corn & cheese - Mycotoxins: aflatoxin, ochratoxin, trichothecenes Prescription & nonprescription drugs Rodenticides - Anticoagulants; cholecalciferol
Rubbing alcohol -Ethyl Alcohol Sodium chloride - Salt, salt water, sea sand (grit) Shampoo - Laurel sulfates & triethanolamine dodecyl sulfate
Shaving lotion Snail bait Sheetrock
Shoe polish Some plants & flowers - check for specific plant Spot remover
Styptic pencil - Potassium aluminum sulfate Suntan oil Super glue
Tobacco - secondary smoke or consumption Turpentine Window cleaners
Wood preservative Zoalene (DOT)  


Foods Birds Can Eat

9-grain cereal Egg Rice Krispies
Alfalfa meal Endive Romaine Lettuce
Apples Fresh sprouts Soybean
Apricots Grapefruit Spinach
Artichokes Grapes Squash
Asparagus Green/red peppers Strawberry
Banana Guava Sunflower
Barley Honeydew Sweet Potato
Beans (all types) Japanese persimmon  
Beet greens Kelp Swiss chard
Black Figs Kumquats Timothy
Blackberries Mango Tomatoes
Blueberries Marigold petals Turnip
Bread sticks Millet Turnip greens
Broccoli Mung beans Watercress
Brussels sprouts Mustard leaves Watermelon
Cabbage Okra Wheat
Cauliflower Papaya Yams
Celery Paprika Yogurt
Cheerios Parsley Zucchini
Cheese Pasta  
Cherries Peach **This is not a complete
Chicken (cooked) Pear listing
Chicory greens Peas ***ALWAYS FEED VARIETY
Chili peppers Persimmons AND IN MODERATION
Cilantro Pineapple **** Never leave fresh
Clover Plums foods more than a
Clover (dry) Pumpkin few hours
Collard greens Radish  
Collards Raisins  
Corn Rape  
Cranberries Red pepper  
Cucumbers Red sorghum  
Dandelion Rice  


Foods Toxic To Birds

Alcoholic drinks Eggplant Soft drinks
Avocados/Guacamole Fatty foods Spoiled foods
Chocolate Fried foods Sugar coated cereals
Chocolate ice cream High salted foods Tea
Coffee Raw mushrooms **if you wouldn't eat it, don't give it to your bird.


Fumes Toxic To Birds

Asbestos Moth Balls Toilet Cleaners
Bleach/Chlorine Nail Polish & Remover Wax
Candles-scented Oil Paint This is not even close to a complete
Carbon Monoxide Over Cleaner listing of toxic fume sources. Always
Cigarette Smoke Non-stick surfaces heated read labels and remember the birds
Diazanon Paint Remover have a far more sensitive respiratory
Duroflame Logs Perfume system than we do. If you have any
Flea Bombs & Collars Permanent Wave Solution doubts about the safety of a product -
Floor Polishes Pesticides don't use it.
Formaldehyde Shoe Polish & cleaners You can call your veterinarian, other
Hair Dye & Spray Spot Removers educated bird people or the poison
House Point (wet) Spray Starch Control Center 800-548-2423
Kerosene Suntan Lotions  
Matches Surgical Acrylics  


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