Heat Lamps

Because all species of animals have specific temperature requirements and there are a variety of cages available, the distance from the cage and wattage of the heater you should use will vary.  Research internet and other herpetology resources for information about the animal being heated and the geographical region it is native to, for temperature ranges that are optimal.  By checking temperatures at many different places in the cage you can learn how to best place the ceramic heater and reflector.

An average distance guideline:
60 Watt           10-14 inches (250-350 mm)
100 Watt           12-16 inches (300-400 mm)
150 Watt           14-24 inches (350-600 mm)
200 Watt           18-24 inches (450-600 mm)
250 Watt           22+ inches (560+ mm)

Infrared heat penetrates the skin tissue or fur and is slowly absorbed by the animal.  Infrared energy also promotes health and healing of animals because it dilates the blood vessels and increases blood circulation of oxygen and nutrients, penetrates deep into skin and muscle tissue, provides comfortable heat, reduces soreness and stiffness of joints and muscles, benefits the immune system and reduces stress by creating a more ideal environment, similar to the way an infrared sauna effects humans.  Some users of ceramic heaters have reported that their animals are larger, healthier, lay more eggs, eat better and are much more active.  Ceramic heaters do not emit light, which can be irritating and disturb the natural light/dark awake/asleep cycle.


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