Is Your Bird Prepared?

To prepare your BIRD for a natural disaster, keep the following things in a protected area, in a closed, portable container:

1 week supply of his/her regular food (replace to keep fresh)

1 week supply of water

Cat/dog carrier instead of regular cage (esp. with big birds)

Blanket or towel to cover carrier or to wrap around bird

Styptic powder such as Quik-Stop for nails only

In case bird breaks a feather or nail, stop bleeding by gently pinching wound closed.

Materials produced by the Palo Alto Humane Society in conjunction with the American Red Cross Northern California Disaster Preparedness Network.



Plan and prepare ahead of time to make your evacuation with your pet quick and safe.

Place bird in sturdy pet carrier, large enough that he/she can move around.

In cool weather, wrap a blanket around carrier for warmth.

In warm weather, carry a plant mister to mist the bird's feathers.

Place a towel over the carrier to calm the bird.  (Birds need a certain amount of light each day.  If you cover the carrier, make sure to allow a few hours of light; either with natural light or a flashlight).

Offer a few slices of fruits and vegetables with high water content instead of water.

Line the bottom of the carrier with paper towels if there is no perch in the carrier.

Keep the carrier in a quiet, safe area.  Do not left the bird out of the carrier.

Birds are very sensitive to smoke.  If you are leaving a fire, make sure the bird is removed first and his/her carrier is well covered.


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