Your Bird's Diet


We feel the best diet for your bird is a pelleted diet supplemented with plenty of fresh foods daily. If you’re having trouble getting your bird to eat pellets or fresh foods, don’t give up. Here are a few ideas to help you find success.

If a bird is offered a mixture of pellets and seeds, it will dig through the pellets throwing them everywhere to get at the seed. Most people give up at this point saying, "my bird won’t eat pellets." Try this:

At night, when you cover the cage, take all of the food out of the cage. In most cases, seed is the culprit, so remove all of the seed including millet sprays and treat sticks. Then, first thing in the morning, put in only the food you’re having trouble getting the bird to eat. This will be the hungriest time of the day. If it eats the less desired food at this time, then you must be determined not to give in. Too many people let the bird decide what to eat. Sure, he likes seed . . . but a diet of only seed means malnutrition.

Try putting cups in different positions in the cage. Maybe a cup attached high by a favorite perch would entice your bird to eat. Perhaps, a crock at the bottom of the cage would appear interesting.

Try skewers and toys that you can hide food in. Foraging for food is always fun.

Make sure you try many different kinds of foods. If one pellet isn’t eaten, don’t assume all will be refused. If broccoli is detested, try brussel sprouts, etc. Don’t just feed what is favored. Be creative. Always add something new to old favorites.


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