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CFAE is a registered 501c3, volunteer-based community organization, started by a group of parrot lovers, to provide support to others whom have companion birds in the community.


CFAE primary purpose is to aid in the well-being, enrichment and re-homing of companion birds, as well as providing education and support to present and future bird owners and caretakers throughout Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco and Solano Counties. We also offer educational classes and workshops for the beginner to the advanced aviculturist and parrot enthusiast.


Below is a list of C.F.A.E. parrot companions in need on fostering.


To find out more about C.F.A.E. and how you can help parrot companions in need, please visit: 



We are always seeking willing donations. You may contribute a one time donation or you  can make a recurring donation, whether big or small.

To make a contribution, please visit:




We never re-home our birds the same day. It is in our care, that we ask our customers to make a dedication to these wonderful animals, as they can live a long time in captivity. This process will ensure a positive connection with you and bird. 


With any questions, Please contact the store!


Mikayla is a wonderfully playful Blue and Gold Macaw, he needs someone who is interested in building a bond with him and who has time to spend with him. He loves playing with his toys and his favorite treats are nutriberries and nuts. Come in today to ...

Call 925-681-BIRD (2473)

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