Did You Know?

Top Ten Most Popular Pet Bird Species

Did you guess correctly:

1.  Cockatiel (38%)                                6.  Conure (6%)

2.  Parakeet (31%)                                7.  Amazon (4%)

3.  Finch (9%)                                        8.  Canary (4%)

4.  Parrot (8%)                                       9.  Dove (3%)

5.  Lovebird (7%)                                  10.  Cockatoo (2%)

According to APPMA (American Pet Products Manufacturers Associations).

Source:  2001-2002 APPMA National Pet Owners Survey and Lifestyle and Media Study

No-Fail Pellet Conversion Recipe

1)  Mix equal parts  pellets with your bird's favorite seed mix.  Add water to cover and wait 5 minutes.

2)  Stir mixture with a fork until it is a cookie dough-like consistency.  Add more water or pellets for desired consistency.

3)  Give 1-2 T. of mixture per bird in the morning, and remove dish before bedtime.  The bird should not have access to any other food throughout the day, except for vegetables/fruits.

4)  Store mixture for no more than 2 days in the refrigerator.

To get a stubborn bird started, you can firmly press some seeds into the top of the mixture, ensuring that the bird eats the pellet as well as the seed.  Once the bird is eating this, gradually decrease the amount of seed in the mixture and sprinkle dry pellets into the dish as well.

Please be sure your bird has had a recent veterinary exam before changing the diet, in order to screen for any underlying health problems and to obtain a current weight.  Also, closely monitor the bird's droppings and behavior to be sure that it is eating enough.  Contact your veterinarian with any diet change, weight, or health concerns.

Feather Facts

  • There are 2 types of down feathers: Powder down are specialized feathers that disintegrate and produce a powder that is spread over the body during preening. The regular down feather is also small and fluffy but does not disintegrate, it must be molted out.
  • Contour feathers are the main feathers that cover the body. They are the largest type of body feather and have a well developed shaft.
  • The main functions of feathers are flight, insulation and water proofing
  • The color of a feather is determined by pigments that are generated at the time of development and the structure of the feather.
  • Iridescent colors in feathers will change with the angle of view.

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